Agrowplow is an innovative, soil-conscious company committed to developing soil care products for improved, sustainable agriculture.


For the ultimate seed bed finish, you can’t get past the Agrowplow Flexiroller. This adaptable tool is easily implemented in both primary and secondary tillage operations, as well as in seeding operations.

Uneven soil is no problem for the Flexiroller. The independent roller rings allow the Flexroller to follow the contours of the earth, providing maximum ground contact and ensuring the best possible seedbed finish, regardless of the soil conditions.

The Flexiroller is aggressive enough to shatter soil clods and break up crusting yet also gentle enough to lightly press the soil following ploughing or planting. Its rotating action ensures an ideal seedbed and eliminates the need for individual press wheels or soil packers.


Seed Drills

Agrowplow offers a wide variety of Australian made direct seed drills for seeding and pasture renovation. Simple, reliable and robust, Agrowdrills are designed to maximise seeding versatility for a wide range of seeding applications.


Deep Tillage Plows

With soil care and innovation at the heart of everything we do, our deep rippers have been designed to be the best so you can achieve the best. With models featuring our latest, innovative shanks, controlled traffic farming widths and renowned strength.

Agroplow - Deep-Tillage-Plows