Pöttinger is an Austrian family-owned company that contributes to a sustainable increase in effectiveness, efficiency and quality in agricultural production and that acts as a partner on whom its customers can rely.

TOP centre swath rakes with four rotors

8.00 to 12.50 m working width. Short harvesting windows necessitate productive harvesting technology. With the professional TOP C s-line series, we offer powerful centre-swath rakes with the highest possible harvesting performance.

pottinger TOP-centre-swath-rakes-with-four-rotors

TOP C twin rotor, centre swath rakes

5.9 to 9.6 m working width. The advantage of our centre-mounted rakes is their uniform and airy swath placement. Our centre-swath rakes guarantee a perfectly matched swath for the subsequent machine in the harvest chain.

Pottinger TOP-C-twin-rotor-centre-swath-rakes

TOP twin rotor side swath rakes

6.55 to 7.60 m working width. Our side rakes adapt perfectly to the various field conditions. The perfect ground tracking delivered by PÖTTINGER rakes is achieved with the optimum basic setting and independent movement of the rotors.

Pottinger TOP-twin-rotor-side-swath-rakes

TOP with a single rotor rakes

3.40 to 4.60 m working width. Our single rotor machines are ideal for smaller surface areas. For big output with small tractors, the TOP 421 A and 461 A rakes are also available as trailed versions.

Pottinger TOP-with-a-single-rotor